Directory of Coaches Recommended By EO NY Members
Ralph White
Business Coach, CEO, Author
Coaching Specialty: Business
Referrals: Taylor Trusty
Last Updated: February 7, 2018

Ralph White has unfailingly navigated the choppy waters of business and life and always come up a winner. He brings a lifetime of business experience to his “Consulting2Win” strategy for business excellence. Ralph’s earliest entrepreneurial aspirations involved selling donuts to his Boy Scout troop – for a profit of course! Ralph ran his own sheet metal fabricating company for over 37 years while simultaneously managing a variety of other businesses. In 1993, Ralph began his consulting career, sharing his vast knowledge and unique approach with entrepreneurs, managers, and salespeople the world over.

What makes Ralph the consultant of choice for so many successful people? Ralph has the uncanny ability to transcend industry and circumstances to provide winning formulas for any type of company. He believes the key to business success is your relationship to profitability. Ralph teaches his clients how to reinvent who they are being in their business, opening them up to sustainable, committed action. Ralph is a master at creating pathways to results. He works with you to develop quantifiable methods for achieving a desirable outcome given your specific set of challenges. Over the years, Ralph has impacted the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs and business managers, helping them to transform their businesses from also-rans into gold medalists in the game of BusinessLife.

Ralph holds a degree in Business Administration from the California State University at Long Beach. He has served on numerous community service boards and committees and is a sought-after public speaker and radio guest. Ralph resides in Southern California and enjoys painting, music, and reading.