Directory of Coaches Recommended By EO NY Members
Josef Shapiro
Coach - Teacher - Business Oracle.
Coaching Specialty: Business
Referrals: Taylor Trusty
Last Updated: February 7, 2018

I solve problems, and I haven't found one yet that's eluded me.

So now I teach other people to solve problems.

I began my coaching career at EMyth in 2002 and later joined its management team and led EMyth’s program development. I created their coach training program and trained coaches worldwide for several years.

Clear and Open is a collection of powerful online courses and real-time mentoring for professionals passionate about productivity, culture change, and business growth.

I'm a coach, mentor, and trainer for serious, driven leaders and managers who hold learning as a way of life and excellence as an intrinsic value. To learn more, and to sign up for a free, time-saving mini-course, please visit

Taylor Trusty

"Josef is unlike any coach I've worked with: he's wicked smart, calls me on my bullshit, gets right to the heart of the matter, and sees through to the root issues. He's opened my eyes to unconscious motives and patterns of behaviors that I see now are at the root of my struggles. I'm changing and growing in ways I kept trying to accomplish on my own but struggled with. I'm learning to turn toward discomfort I used to run from, which isn't fun at times, but the hard work is paying off. I also am developing a kind of X-Ray vision into reading people, helping me in sales, management, and fascinatingly in my personal life."

Northwestern University
1992 - 1996
English Lit. / Psych. Anthropology