Directory of Coaches Recommended By EO NY Members
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Kim -Ades
COACH SPONSOR - Frame of Mind Coaching
David Schnurman, Len Oppenheimer, Bruce Eckfeldt, Boris Rozman
Mike -Goldman
COACH SPONSOR - Performance Breakthrough (Gazelles)
Jonathan B. -Smith
COACH SPONSOR - Certified EOS Implementer - Traction Coach
Jon Ecker
Warren J. Dodge
Executive Coach
Raj Thakker
Lisa Flom
Human Resources Business Leader & Client Account Director
Lauren Boyer
Christine Flouton
Founder and Executive Coach
Sue Karlin
Guillaume Gauthereau
Executive Spiritual Coach, Speaker, Healer
Maria Emma, Christel Caputo
William Lieberman
The CEOs Right Hand: Strategy & Finance Coach
David Schnurman
Paulie Rojas
Transformation Leadership Coaching
Lauren Boyer, Veeral Lakhani, Joe Apfelbaum
Keith Rosen, MCC
Len Oppenheimer
Robin S. Rosenberg, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist--"The People Expert"
New York and California
Josef Shapiro
Business Coach, Mentor, Trainer
Taylor Trusty
Jeanne Sherman
Marketing Consultant - Business Growth Expertise
David Schnurman
Pooja Tolani
Meditation and Mind Matters Trainer
Keith Schwebel
Ralph White
Business Coach, CEO, Author
Taylor Trusty